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The Reason Why

Thursday, December 21st, 2017

Some of us may go through life never knowing why we were born or whose life we might have touched, but I have had the pleasure of knowing one life that I have touched.

After getting past the pain and suffering that followed my experiences as a child, I was able to have an amazing experience. I was 17-years-old and at a youth convention with my church youth group. A speaker was unable to make it to the convention and all the youth ministers were asked if they knew someone who could fill in the slot. My youth minister asked me if I would be able to do it. I thought and prayed about it for a few minutes and even though I have extreme stage fright, I decided to do it. After I told of my experiences with child abuse, not knowing my biological parents, being adopted by my grandparents, and my failed suicide attempts, I gave a sigh of relief. There were only about 2,000 people at this convention looking at me as I told my story. I not only told of my experiences but about how I managed to get through them and get to happiness.

Once I was done and the convention was done for the day, a girl about 15-years-old came up to me to thank me. She had tears in her eyes and I could tell she had been crying for a little while. She went on to tell me that she had not been through as much as I have and yet I had made it which meant that she could to. She had been thinking about suicide because of what she was going through. My story made her realize that there is a rainbow after the rain.

After this incident, I decided that I was going to openly talk about my life experiences to anyone who wanted to hear about them. I may have touched others along the way, I sure hope that I have, and I hope to touch many more. My dad found his purpose in giving me a home and a life without abuse, so like him I have found my purpose and I willingly let God work through me to help others.

I am not perfect, far from it, but with my life experiences I am able to share my success in order to help others.

In the comments below, tell me what this quote means to you, how it inspires you, and/or if you have been grateful in knowing that you have touched someone’s life. I would love to hear about it and I am sure that others would too.