What is Marriage?

Many people believe that marriage is a 2-way street, you give and expect to get back. People say marriage is 50/50, and I would have to disagree. Marriage is a one-way street, you should want to give to your partner and not expect back. Yes, it is nice to receive back, but to expect it because you gave is not how it works. You should give of yourself because you love the person. With marriage being 50/50, I disagree because if you only give 50%, you’re only going to receive 50% back. You should be giving 100% to make a marriage work. Marriage is not easy at all and it takes both parties trying to make it work.

I have been through 3 marriages and looking at the third one being another failure. Within all of them I gave everything, and I mean everything because when I left I had nothing, and I never received anything. I wasn’t looking to receive anything, but I would have at least chosen to be respected, appreciated, and loved. Instead I was attacked verbally, mentally, emotionally, physically, and sexually. Did I deserve any of it? Of course not.

Regardless of the past, I still believe in love and marriage. I am still hoping that one day I can have someone in my life that appreciates me, loves me, and wants to give me what I give to them. Do I need someone in my life to make me happy? No, but it would be nice to give my love to someone who truly loves me back.

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